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Jeep Tour Tijuca Forest and Waterfall's Bath                     




Jeep Tour in The Tijuca Forest: A lovely place for locals and foreigners. Lots of amazings landscapes. Fresh climate and pure air… a jeep riding through the largest urban forest in the world fascinates everyone. With nearly four thousand acres, the Tijuca National Park is an oasis bursting with exotic species and traces of Brazilian History. We will visit the Chinese View, the Emperor's Table, the Taunay’s waterfall, Açude Museum (an impressive house which belonged to a rich industrial , art collector who had administrated the park. 
 We will do a small hikking through the Atlantic forest. It’s usual to discover the native fauna of the forest like the coati , capuchin , mico-estrela, agouti , lizards and many birds , such as hawks , toucans , Scarlet-Tanager, Tangara, Green-headed Tanager and many others. We will visit the stingless bees, harmless but very important in forest conservation. To this end we are pleased to invite everyone to a bath in an amazing waterfall, unknown to most locals. Don`t forget to bring bath suits. 




Duration : 4 hrs             Price: 30 euros per person Discount available according to the number of participants




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