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       Urca Peak and Sugar Loaf

 A walking tour to Sugarloaf, without facing the long lines to buy tickets, This is one of the privileges of the Rio Sensations bookings.

It is an easy trail (+/- 40min ) to the top where the teleferico (cable car) makes its first stop (Morro da Urca). The trail starts at Praia Vermelha. On the trail we will find many groups of Tamarins-Star, the smallest species of monkeys on the planet. At the top, the sunset view is dazzling

15% Discount from 3 people // Tickets included

65 U$$ 

 Pedra Bonita Peak and Waterfall of                                  Love

The area where Pedra Bonita is located it's part of the Tijuca Forest Natural Reserve. The trail is nice, quick and has an astonishing view of the Pedra da Gávea, Barra da Tijuca and west and south of the city. It takes about 30 min. to reach the top of  693 meters high. After that, its time to refreshing and relax in an amazing waterfall, hidden in the heart of the jungle.

Pick up and drop off by a very nice open top jeep.

Duration : 5 hours 

15% Discount from 3 people


50 U$$

Attention :         For All Activities     
Booking by email / No prepayment required

   Two Brothers Peak and favela do                                 Vidigal

Favela Vidigal and Morro Dois Irmãos: This tour is very popular among locals and foreigners. We will reach the community’s entrance by an open jeep, then continue through a unique architectural scene. The trail to the peak of the “Bigger Brother” is easy and takes about 40 minutes. At the top you will have a magnificent sight: 360° view of the South Zone of Rio and a privileged vision of Rocinha, the largest slum in the region with approximately 200.000 inhabitants.

Round trip in a nice convertible jeep.

40U$$ Per person 

15% Discount from 3 people



                      Tijuca Peak

The Tijuca Peak is the highest point of the Tijuca National Park, with 1021 meters altitude over the sea level. It offers one of the most beautiful landscapes of Rio.  The trail follows the contours of the hills and the slope is easygoing. In only an hour walking, we can reach the top, comfortably. 

Round trip in a convertible jeep.

50 U$$ Per person 

15% Discount from 3 people

The Gavea Stone

                                                               Welcome to my Favourite 

          Certainly we'll need a bit more efforts to arrive on the top of it's 842 meters (aprox. 2762 feet)   !  

Around 2h30 hiking through the Atlantic Forest ! Also a little escalade with experienced instructors and safe equipments provided ! 

Suddenly we start to leave the forest and walk through the Big Stone !  Uau !!!!!

Round Trip around 6 hours

Pick up and drop off at your hotel, or every where in the south zone of Rio.



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